Beargrass Creek 


Kentucky and early California

The boys and girls of Kentucky

Will and Dave in Louisville

Rick, Patti & Dave - Kentuckians in California


Later on in California...

Sean, Dale, Dave at Youngberg's - Arcata, CA

Folking Arcata

 Humboldt County's "Country Fever"
Bert, Greg, Danny, Patty, Dave

Dave and the departed "Dinosteel"

Dave & Will in Louisville - Again on a visit home

Dave & Sean - Humboldt County's "The Duo"

Dave Trabue & The Roundup Band
Beginnings - 1990 - Rick, Sean, Mary, Dave

The Roundup Band - Christmas 1993
Sean, Dave, Tim, Mary, John

Still Kickin' - The Beginnings, 1994
John, Rob, Bill, Steve, Dave, Mary

Kickin' Dave on toward San Francisco in '97
Steve, Bill, Dave, Wes, Mary

In San Francisco's Tenderloin with Pimp Daddy Jesus!

New Year's Eve with the Blue Lamp All Stars!

... with the incredible Kenni Feinberg!

On the pedal steel with Jeff Lucas at the Great American Music Hall!

The Gala at Newark

You get no shade with one meatball!

On the old pedal steel with Cowboy Bill...

Heathen Hill - Mark, Peter, Ted, Dave

Gotta Scramble at Strawberry!

Beargrass Creek - the beginnings - Matt Lauer, Dave Trabue, MaryAnn Johnston 

and the new 2018 Beargrass Creek with Phil Bearce