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Dandelion Brunette

(David Trabue: Boiled Strings Music)


Got a smile as big as Texas and a heart to go along.

She can bend just like a willow and spring back twice as strong.

She’s a wonder of a woman like no one I ever met.

Ain’t a blondie or a red head; She’s a dandelion brunette.


That curly headed woman, she’s the best I ever seen.

She can curl her lip & curl my toes and come back full of steam.

She’s quiet & unassuming, but there’s one thing you can bet.

That you never will forget a night with the dandelion brunette.


Got a gentle disposition long as you don’t make her mad.

She’s an independent lady, if you cross her you’ll be sad.

Cause the rare ones sneak up on you, not the kind you’ll likely get;

Not a carrot top or a sandy mop, but a dandelion brunette.


That curly headed woman takes some time to get to know.

But it’s worth a lot to take a shot and take it kinda slow.

Cause when you get to know her things are good as they can get.

And you never will regret your time with the dandelion brunette.


That curly hair around her head, it sets her face aglow.

A  highlight in the summer sunshine, swayin’ to and fro…


It was sunny when I met her on a summer day back when

I was lucky as the dickens though I didn’t know it then.

Now I thank my lucky stars above that I passed without regret

All the other colors, other styles, for the dandelion brunette.


My curly headed woman keeps me company so fine.

She takes my hand and we stroll along; havin’such a real sweet time.

But when we pull the shades down, lord, you ain’t seen nothing yet

Like the times ahead & the things to come with my dandelion brunette.


She’s a wonder of a woman like no one I ever met…

Ain’t a blondie or a redhead. She’s a dandelion brunette.




















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